If Maintenance needs to conduct a repair in your apartment

King & Queen Apartments is dedicated to resolving maintenance issues promptly and keeping a safe living environment for its tenants.  To ensure a problem or repair is assessed, handled and completed in a timely manner, both King & Queen Management and Maintenance need to know about the problem.  This can be done by using the online Maintenance Request Form at KingAndQueenApts.com.Report maintenance repairs

Please complete the online Maintenance Request Form with the understanding that if the problem is something that you have known about for several days and you submit the request at night, on a Friday at 5:00pm, or over the weekend, unless it is of a dire nature and if not remedied promptly could cause damage the property, the repair issue will likely be fixed the next business day.

If you need to report more than one maintenance issue, please complete a separate request for each repair.

Sometimes Maintenance needs to enter your apartment to conduct repair issues that you are not aware of.  This could be something like water from a leaky pipe in your apartment that is dripping into the apartment below.  In cases like these, Maintenance will contact you, in writing, to let you know a contractor will be entering your apartment.  Maintenance will do its best to give you a window of time, but it is very difficult as there might be jobs in front of yours that push the repair in your apartment to a late time in the day.

Maintenance may also need to enter your apartment to conduct routine repairs, or treatments, such as bi-monthly pest control.  Please note that per Section 55-248.18 of the Code of Virginia, “The landlord may enter the dwelling unit without consent of the tenant in case of emergency.” “Except in case of emergency, or if impractical to do so, landlord shall give the tenant notice of his intent to enter and may enter only at reasonable times.  Unless impractical to do so, landlord shall give the tenant at least 24-hours’ notice of routine maintenance to be performed that has not been requested by tenant.”

When you submit an online Maintenance Request, you are giving written notice that there is a repair issue and you are granting permission for Maintenance to enter your apartment.  As a courtesy, Maintenance will typically contact you to let you know when they will be coming or to seek further information about the issue before entering the apartment.  However, this is not always the case.  Depending on the situation, Maintenance may respond to your request, but could respond letting you know that someone needs to assess the situation and needs to enter your apartment as soon as possible.  Section 55-248.18 goes on to say, “If the tenant makes a request for maintenance, the landlord is not required to provide notice to the tenant.”  Submitting a request using the online Maintenance Request Form is a written request for Maintenance to enter your apartment.

Additionally, Maintenance contractors may need to return to complete the repairs, finish painting, etc. Maintenance will communicate this with you.

In all Maintenance cases, you do not need to be present while the repairs are being completed.Lock door and take keys with you

King & Queen Apartments is also dedicated to keeping a safe environment and community for its tenants.  Be sure to never leave the front door of your apartment unlocked when you leave your apartment.  For security purposes (for your security), it is policy for all management, maintenance and service personnel to lock every apartment door upon leaving the apartment, whether the door was found locked or unlocked.  It is not the responsibility of management if, when your apartment is left unlocked and the apartment is then serviced by maintenance personnel and, subsequently, you become locked-out of your apartment.  Notice regarding bi-monthly pest control services is noted on the Pest Control and Exterminating Schedule, and notification is sent out via email or in the monthly newsletter when contractors are conducting repairs.

The bottom line:

  1. submit maintenance requests by using the online Maintenance Request Form and
  2. always lock your apartment door and take your keys with you when you leave your apartment.

By promptly notifying Maintenance about a maintenance or repair issue, as well as, locking your apartment door and carrying your keys with you when you leave, you will not only be in compliance with your lease agreement, you will greatly reduce unnecessary stress while living off-campus.