King & Queen Apartments residents, we know that doing your laundry might not be your highest priority, but when you need it to be clean, we’re here to help.

Your Laundry Day and Experience Just got Easier!

The new King & Queen Apartments Community Laundry Room is available to all residents. This clean and secure space consists of efficient machines and state-of-the-art technology. The new laundry room includes:

  • 3 commercial washers connected to PayRange payment app (also coin-option).
  • 3 commercial dryers connected to PayRange payment app (also coin-option).
  • 2 folding tables.
  • Bar with stools and USB-A/C outlets.
  • Utility tub.
  • Steel security door with security window and controlled access.
  • Temperature control (heated/cooled).
  • Security cameras in both the stairwell and laundry room.
  • Monitored alarm system with security panel.

Access to Community Laundry Room

The Community Laundry Room is accessed by the stairs under the awning at the rear of the property.

The front door is a steel security door with a controlled access lock.

To open the door:

  1. Enter the access code used to unlock your apartment door on the keypad next to the door.
  2. Press “#”.
  3. When the orange light at the top of the keypad turns green indicating that the correct access code was entered,
  4. Push the door open.
  5. Once inside, the door will close and lock automatically from the outside.

For additional safety for residents and security in the stairwell, the stairwell is equipped with a motion sensitive light.

Both the stairwell and laundry room are equipped with security cameras. PLEASE NOTE: The cameras are not actively monitored.

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation are from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, seven (7) days a week.

Security door access to the Community Laundry Room ends at 10:00 PM.

For the safety and security of the space and residents using it, do not leave the security door propped open.

The Community Laundry Room is equipped with an alarm system. The alarm system automatically sets after 10:30 PM. All laundry must be completed and removed, and you must be out of the Community Laundry Room by 10:30 PM.

Community Laundry Room Rules

  • For King & Queen Apartments Residents Only
  • Management is Not Responsible for Lost, Stolen or Damaged Articles.
  • Do Not Sit on Tables, Counters, or Machines.
  • No Dying of Fabric in Washing Machines or Laundry Basin.
  • No Flammable Substances or Solvents are Allowed in Machines or Laundry Basin.
  • Remove All Objects from Pockets Before Putting Clothes into Machines.
  • Do Not Overload the Machines with Articles or Detergent.
  • Leave Washing Machine Doors Open When Done.
  • Be Courteous to Others… Please:
    • Remove Your Items for Machines Promptly
    • Do Not Throw Items Onto the Floor
    • Clean Lint Tray After Every Drying Cycle
    • Clean Up Any Mess You Make
    • Throw Away All Trash into Trash Can.
    • Do Not Be Disruptive to Neighbors
  • Report Any Issues Promptly to Management.

Having Issues with a Washer or Dryer?

Submit a Maintenance Request and be sure to include the following:

  1. Machine Number
  2. Problem you are experiencing with the machine
  3. Any pictures or video of the issue

PayRange App Payment System

The washers and dryers are equipped with PayRange, a laundry payment app system. You can download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store.

Once the app is downloaded, you can register to use, and pay for their washing and drying cycles, and the vend price is deducted from a mobile wallet that is reloadable, and tied to a credit card on file through the app.

When Tenant’s laundry is done washing or drying, the PayRange app will notify Tenant through push notifications sent to their mobile device.

The first load of laundry is free for every Tenant who uses the PayRange app.

PayRange Mobile App FAQs

Where can I get help with the PayRange mobile app?

For technical issues or support with the app, you can:

  • Go to Contact Us, then to the Questions menu within the PayRange app
    • If it is a Purchase-related issue (issues related to payments made to machines), please submit a request through the app (see the Contact PayRange video (video #6) below).
  • Visit the PayRange Help Center.
  • Email
  • Call 1-855-856-6398, option 1

For any other issues related to one of our washers or dryers, please submit a Maintenance Request and note:

  1. Machine Number
  2. Problem you are experiencing with the machine
  3. Any pictures or video of the issue

Why should I use the PayRange mobile app?

Management is staying ahead of the innovation curve by offering the ability to pay with an app, mobile device, etc.  

The PayRange app enables you to:

  • Load funds to your PayRange account quickly and easily using any major credit or debit card, anytime and anywhere. 
  • Choose how much or how little you load onto your PayRange account, either manually or with the convenient auto-reload option.
  • Check your previous transactions and account balance anytime to make sure your laundry budget is on track each month. 
  • See how much time is left on your laundry cycle, and receive a text message when your laundry is almost done. 
  • Take advantage of special offers such a free wash promotion when you download the app, as well as future loyalty programs.
  • And, even though the machines take quarters, as well, the app reduces the need to carry quarters with you to do your laundry.
How do I use the PayRange app?
  1. Download the app for free to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store, Google Play, or visit the PayRange website.  
  2. Add funds to your PayRange account by selecting your preferred payment method and amount. You can also set it to autoload if you wish.
  3. Nearby machines will be listed. Select the machine you would like to use, making sure it’s not already in use.
  4. To redeem your free wash, click Special Offers, select the free wash offer then Use this offer.
  5. Swipe and the payment will be sent to the machine. You will see the confirmation on your screen, you will hear the machine beep several times as if numerous quarters were put into it, and the machine will start automatically once the payment is complete. 
What if I don’t have a smartphone or tablet?

The laundry machines also accept quarters so the choice is yours.

Do I need a data plan on my device to use the app?

The PayRange app requires an Internet connection to work, just like your other web-based apps. There is Wi-Fi in the Community Laundry Room; however, if the Internet is down, and there is no Wi-Fi in the Community Laundry Room, you will need a cell signal and a data plan to connect to the equipment. The app requires very little data to function.

How does PayRange keep my information safe?

PayRange has an industry-leading security infrastructure. It does not view, pass-through, or store card data, and card data is never shared with King & Queen Apartments or Management. To learn more about how PayRange protects you, visit

Helpful PayRange Videos

Redeem Your Free Wash
When you download PayRange, your first wash is FREE! Here’s how you redeem it.

Pay A Laundry Machine
Using PayRange to pay for your laundry is only a couple swipes away. 

Add Funds to Your PayRange Account
You can load funds to your PayRange account quickly and easily. You can also set the app to auto-add funds, to your account, if you wish.


Redeem a Coupon Code
If something went wrong and you’ve requested

Reset Your Password
How to reset your PayRange password.

Contact PayRange
For technical issues with the PayRange app, contact PayRange. If there is something wrong with a washer or dryer, send us a Maintenance Request

Laundry Tips*

Review these tips for getting the best results from our laundry equipment.

Check your labels

Read the labels so you know if there are any special washing or drying instructions.

Sort your laundry

Separate whites from your dark/bright items so the colors don’t transfer. You may want to sort based on fabric type. For example, wash towels separately so they don’t transfer lint to your clothes.

Empty your pockets

Sharp items, pens, and even tissues can cause problems to your laundry, so check your pockets before washing. You also don’t want to lose or destroy that misplaced $20 bill or important receipt!

Pretreat stains

Treating a stain before washing and drying will increase the chances of removing it. Once the stain has been through a washing and drying cycle, the stain may be set for good. 

Have your payment ready

If using quarters, be sure you have the correct change before you go to the laundry room. Or, download the free PayRange app so you never have to worry about coins.

Choose the right machine options for your load

Hot water works best for whites, cottons, and linens. Cold water is best for dark or bright colors. Your washer may have the option to add time, or to choose a longer setting, for heavily soiled loads to give your laundry the extra cleaning it needs.

Load clothes first, then start the machine.

Once a machine’s cycle is started the timer will continue to run even if the machine has not been loaded with clothes.

Do not put clothes or material in machines with hazardous substances on them

Do not wash articles that have been previously cleaned in, washed in, soaked in, or spotted with gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents, or other flammable or explosive substances as they give off vapors that could ignite or explode.

Do not add the following substances or textiles containing traces of the following substances to the wash water: gasoline, kerosene, waxes, cooking oils, vegetable oils, machine oils, dry-cleaning solvents, flammable chemicals, thinners or other flammable or explosive substances. These substances give off vapors that could ignite, explode, or cause the fabric to catch on fire by itself.

Don’t overload the machine

If you cram too much into the washer, it will neither clean your clothes nor rinse them properly. And, if you put too many clothes into the dryer, it won’t dry them. Typically, one wash load equals one dry load. Make sure you put your clothes into the washer and the dryer loosely so the laundry can move around.

Washer: Maximum dry clothes load: 21 lbs.
Dryer: Maximum dry clothes load: 18 lbs.

Detergent: Use the proper location & recommended amount

Use high-efficiency (HE) rated detergent ONLY. If you are using powder or liquid detergent or bleach, use the detergent tray at the front of the washer. Detergent sheet and packets/pods should be put directly into the washer with the clothes. Whether you use a powder, liquid, sheet, or packet/pod-type detergent, use the manufacturer’s recommended amount. Too much detergent won’t rinse and too little won’t clean.

Leave the washer doors open after using them

After the washer has finished washing your clothes, and you have removed all your clothes from the washer, please leave the door open instead of closing it — yes, even if you’re not going to use it again. The fresh air will cause any remaining water to evaporate faster. This will help the washer stay dry and mold-free.

Clean the lint filter

It’s important to check the dryer’s lint filter before and after each use, and clean it for proper air flow. A dryer with a clogged filter won’t dry effectively and it could cause a safety hazard. Clean the lint filter after you use the dryer. Throw away the lint into the trash can.

Fold dry laundry promptly

Remove laundry from the dryer and fold it as quickly as possible to reduce wrinkles. 

*See additional manufacturer’s instructions for using the machines posted in the Community Laundry Room.