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King & Queen Apartments, LLC, is committed to providing quality service to its residents. If you experience a maintenance emergency repair, DO NOT solely use the Maintenance Request Form below.  Instead, please call (757) 220-0000.

What is a maintenance emergency repair?  It is something that if not immediately addressed would likely cause damage to the Dwelling Unit, Premises or injury to its occupants.

–  if there is a fire, call 9-1-1, then call the maintenance emergency number;

–  if there is any water problem, for example:

–  broken water pipe: turn the water valve off (if accessible), then call the maintenance emergency number;
–  constantly running toilet or water on the floor by the toilet: turn the water valve off to the left of the toilet and call the maintenance emergency number.
–  water dripping/coming through the ceiling from the unit above: contact the Tenant(s) in the unit above to let them know there is a water problem so they can turn the water off, then call the emergency repair number;
–  sewer backup: if you live on the bottom floor and the sewer backs up into the kitchen sink, tell all the apartments directly above you not to run any water in the kitchen or bathroom sink, bathtub or to flush the toilet. Immediately call the emergency maintenance number.

–  if you do not have heat and the outside temperature is expected to fall below 55 degrees.
–  if your front door, lock or windows are broken, therefore compromising the security of the apartment.
–  if there is an incident involving emergency vehicles or emergency personnel.
–  if unsure what to do, call the maintenance emergency number.

The emergency maintenance repair number is ONLY to be called to report an emergency repair issue.

*NOTE* You are responsible for replacing any non-working light bulbs in your apartment during the Lease Term at your expense. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations.
Maintenance Request Form
  • To better assist us, please upload a photo of the maintenance issue.
  • Please note that Management may respond to non-emergency maintenance requests on the following business day.

*By clicking “Submit” you grant permission for Maintenance to contact you, and to enter your apartment, during regular business hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.  Maintenance will resolve the problem you are experiencing as quickly as possible.  You will be notified when the maintenance request is completed.

Thank you for residing at King & Queen Apartments.

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