There is an intermittent beeping coming from the smoke detector in my apartment. What do I do?

King & Queen Apts

There are at least 2 tamper-proof, Lithium-ion battery-powered smoke detectors installed in every apartment.  One is located on the ceiling in the living room by the kitchen, by the linen closet and thermostat and the other is located in the bedroom.

Each smoke detector is inspected annually to verify if the battery, as well as, both the test button and smoke sensor are operating properly and are fully functional.  The Lithium-ion battery-powered units are equipped with a 10-year warranted battery; however, the battery could fail before the 10-year life.  When the battery fails, the unit will give a very annoying chirping noise every 45 seconds.

If the unit begins chirping, please submit an online maintenance request to have the unit replaced and follow the instructions on the back of the unit to turn the unit (and chirping sound) off.

DO NOT just reach up and take the unit down from the ceiling with the hope that you can replace the batteries.  The units are tamper-proof and can only be turned off (the chirping stopped) by following the instructions on the back of the unit.

If a smoke detector is discovered to have been tampered with or taken down without notifying management, such actions are a violation of the Williamsburg Fire Code and a direct violation of the Lease Agreement and Tenants will be assessed a fine for each occurrence, as noted in the Lease Agreement.

Category: Maintenance