How is mail handled at the apartments?

King & Queen Apts

U.S. Postal Service mail and other parcel and package delivery services deliver to King & Queen Apartments.  U.S. Postal Service mail and packages are delivered to assigned mailboxes for each apartment. These mailboxes are located by Apartment 1.

King & Queen Mailboxes

All packages, especially from UPS and Fed Ex are typically delivered by the carrier to the apartment door to whom the package is addressed. Packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service that are small enough to leave at or in a mailbox are delivered to the mailbox; if the packages are too large, U.S. Postal Service packages will be delivered at the apartment door to whom the package is addressed.

In order for any mail or package to be properly delivered, the mail or package must have the following legibly written on them:

  1. the name of the tenant(s) currently living in a particular apartment;
  2. the proper apartment number on the mail or package.

For example, mail and packages should be addressed:Tenant Name732 Scotland Street, Apt. X (or #X)Williamsburg, VA 23185

If neither the name nor the apartment number is properly indicated, the mail or package could be returned to sender.

Management is neither responsible for any mail or packages left at the Premises, including mailboxes, porches, sidewalks, and landings, nor is it responsible for the acceptance of any packages, furniture, items or articles, on behalf of a tenant, that are delivered to the Premises. This includes mail or packages that do not indicate the proper apartment number in the address.

Tenants are encouraged to check and empty their mailbox on a regular basis.  If a mailbox becomes so overloaded with mail that the mail carrier is unable to continue to deliver mail to the mailbox, the undelivered mail could be returned to sender.

When a tenant moved out, Management does not forward mail to any tenant’s new address. At the end of the lease term, at vacancy, tenants must file a Change of Address with the U.S. Postal Service.

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