How do I change a light bulb that has burned out in a fixture with a glass globe covering the bulb?

King & Queen Apts

You are responsible for changing all light bulbs in your apartment if they burn out during your lease term.

To change a bulb in the kitchen ceiling light fixture:

  1. Turn the switch to the light fixture in the “off” position.
  2. Stand on a sturdy chair or step ladder.
  3. While holding/securing the glass globe in one hand, unscrew each of the screws, by hand, that are holding the glass globe in place several turns to the left.  Do not unscrew the screws completely from the holes.  Unscrew the screws enough so you can remove the glass globe from the light fixture.
  4. Carefully remove the glass globe.
  5. Set the glass globe down in a safe place.
  6. Unscrew the burned-out light bulb(s).
  7. Replace the burned-out light bulb(s).  Light bulbs should be 60-Watts (if incandescent, or equivalent, if using a compact fluorescent (CFL)).  Do not use an incandescent light bulb greater than 75-Watts in any ceiling or wall light fixture while occupying the apartment.
  8. While holding/securing the glass globe in one hand, re-position the glass globe back inside the light fixture, making sure that the beveled edges of the base of the globe sit flush up against the fixture.
  9. With the glass globe sitting flush inside the fixture, carefully reattach the glass globe over the light fixture by screwing each screw, by hand, several turns to the right, enough for the screws to hold the glass globe in place.  Be sure to screw the screws enough to hold the glass globe in place. Do not force the screws against the glass as it may put too much pressure on the glass globe and may crack/break the glass.

To change the bulb in the bathroom light fixture, the same steps above apply, except that you do not need to stand on a sturdy chair or step ladder.

Here is a YouTube video showing how to attach the glass globe over the light fixture.

What kind of bulb?  When a light bulb burns out, replace the bulb in the light fixture with a like-kind bulb.  The bulbs in your apartment are 60-Watts (if incandescent, or equivalent, if using a compact florescent (CFL)). Take the bulb with you to Food Lion, Ace Hardware, Target, K-Mart etc. to purchase a replacement bulb (a typical-sized light bulb is known as Type-A bulb; the classic type of light bulb.  The same kind/normal light bulb that goes into a lamp, etc.). If the bulb that is currently in the light fixture is an incandescent bulb and the store no longer carries incandescent bulbs, replacing it with a compact fluorescent bulb is fine, so long as you’re able to put the fixture’s glass globe back over the bulb.Please refer to the rules & regulation of your lease before submitting a Maintenance Request. If you would rather have a contractor change the bulb, they can come by your apartment to change it, but you will be charged the service fee they charge Management for doing so.

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