At move-out, can I clean the apartment myself and get my security deposit back?

King & Queen Apts

As stated in your Lease Agreement,  the apartment is to be professionally cleaned, at tenant’s expense, at move-out or vacancy at lease expiration by a Landlord-approved cleaning company.

Please check the website and/or with One Door Realty, Inc for a list of Landlord-approved cleaning companies.

A copy of the paid Landlord-approved cleaning company’s bill is required at the time of move-out. Tenants must schedule well in advance for their apartment to be cleaned to ensure that the apartment is clean prior to move-out.

If a tenant does not have their apartment cleaned by a Landlord-approved cleaning company prior to move-out, Landlord may hire a cleaning company to clean the apartment and the cost of cleaning, plus a $100.00 Coordination Fee, shall be deducted from the tenant’s Security Deposit.

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