Are there on-site laundry facilities at the apartments?

King & Queen Apts

No, King & Queen Apartments does not have the space for on-site laundry facilities.  However, there are several local options* to wash and dry your dirty clothes.

Pounds of Laundry

Laundry service: Locally owned and operated We Do It 4 U Delivery Laundry Services is an option.  They can have your laundry picked up, washed, folded, and delivered back to your apartment within 24 hours!   They pick up and deliver up to 4 times per month. This laundry service option will save you lots of time each month.  No more carrying, washing, drying, sorting or folding your laundry.  They offer very reasonable monthly rates for college students.

Nearby washers/dryers/laundromats: Since King & Queen Apartments is located adjacent to the College of William & Mary, Tenants, who are students at the college, could possibly use on-campus laundry facilities.  Other laundromat facilities are also located nearby, just a short drive away.

See map below, as well as, information and distance from King & Queen Apartments:

Laundry facilities close to King & Queen Apartments

                          Map courtesy of the College of Willam & Mary. Approximate distance to nearest on-campus laundry facility (in feet from King & Queen Apartments):

Tribe Square (715): <250 (+/-) feet

Bryan Complex (608, 614, 604, 710 & 662): <450 (+/-) feet

One Tribe Place (675): <600 (+/-) feet

Soaps ‘n Suds – 216 Monticello Avenue: <.9 miles

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