Surry Power Plant Siren Test Schedule

Dominion Power’s  Surry Nuclear Power Station, located in Surry, VA (to the south of Williamsburg, across the James River) supplies power to the Tidewater Area.

Full-scale tests of the Early Warning Siren System (EWSS) surrounding the Surry Power Station are scheduled four (4) times a year on the second Wednesday of every third month at approximately 11:10 am.

NOTE: One of the Surry Power Plant Sirens is located in the William & Mary parking lot directly  behind King & Queen Apartments. 

Upcoming dates for the siren tests can be found HERE.

A steady three-minute tone will be sounded at 61 siren locations within a 10-mile radius of the Surry Nuclear Power Station operated by Virginia Power.

Testing Schdule:

Protected Action Zone (PAZ) Map  found at

In the event of an emergency at the Surry Power Station, please review the evacuation information below:

Zone 21: City of Williamsburg

Consists of City of Williamsburg

Primary evacuation routes

  • Use York street west, Capital Landing Rd., Second Street west and Merrimac Tr. West to Interstate 64 west
  • Use Francis Street, Henry Street south to Hemelsine Parkway to Interstate 64 west or Henry Street north to Merrimac Tr. And Interstate 64 west
  • Use Jamestown Rd. corridor south to either John Tyler Lane west, Rt 5 or Rt 199 west to Interstate 64 west
  • Use Richmond Rd. west, Lafayette Street west to Monticello Ave. to Hemelsine Parkway, Rt 199 west to Interstate 64
  • Use Richmond Rd. west to Hemelsine Parkway, Rt 199 to Interstate 64 west or Richmond Rd. west to Rt 30 west

Evacuation Assembly Centers

  • New Kent County High School