If you need help with a maintenance repair…

Need help with a maintenance repair?

Let’s face it, things break, quit working and leak.  If something needs to be fixed in your apartment, it’s important to know when to contact maintenance.  Here is some information about maintenance fix problems in your apartment.  Maintenance repair dripping faucet

  • Be aware of typical maintenance repair assistance.

If something breaks that was part of your apartment before you moved in (plumbing fixture, appliance) due to normal use or wear and tear, chances are the repair is covered.  These repairs are typically part of your lease agreement and should be fixed by the Owner at no charge to you, the Tenant.  This could include something as small as broken toilet chain, to something as dramatic as a refrigerator that stops cooling.

If the damage was caused due to negligence or an accident caused by you, the Tenant, your guests or invitees, the Owner will fix the broken item, but may charge you, the Tenant, for the repair or take the cost of the repair fees out of the Tenant’s security deposit.  A broken window, burned-out light bulb or a clogged toilet might fall into this category of repair.

From time to time, maintenance repair contractors may perform routine maintenance repairs or make upgrades to apartment fixtures or appliances.  In these cases, you, the Tenant, will be notified in advance when such maintenance repairs or upgrades will take place.

  • Always contact maintenance services first.

If something is broken or not working in your apartment, please refer the the Helpful Tips For Possible Maintenance Issues page on the King & Queen Apartments website first.   If you cannot find a solution there, contact maintenance by submitting a maintenance request.

If something is broken in your apartment, contact maintenance by submitting a maintenance request online. Do not try to fix something that is broken yourself.   Attempting to fix the issue might make the problem worse and could even violate a provision in your Lease Agreement.

When in doubt, it is better to submit a maintenance request first, than to attempt to repair an issue yourself.  This includes trying to fix a clogged drain by using liquid drain cleaner (i.e. Drano, Liquid Plumber, etc.).  Doing so may harm the pipes or make the problem worse and is in direct violation of the Lease Agreement.

  • Always submit a maintenance request in a timely manner.

Because a problem rarely goes away on its own, contact maintenance and submit a maintenance request as soon as you notice an issue.  If you wait to report a problem, it might get worse and you could be liable for damage to your apartment that could have been avoided if you had immediately reported the issue.

  • Follow the guidelines established by management for requesting maintenance repairs, and use the proper contact method.

If a problem is truly urgent, a middle-of-the-night call might be warranted; however, if the issue can wait, please submit a maintenance request online.  You will be contacted in a timely manner for the issue to be assessed and remedied.

If you have problems with the heating system in your apartment, or if there is a plumbing issue, contact maintenance as soon as you notice the issue.  Do not wait a week, or longer, to get something fixed, especially when it comes to heating and plumbing.

  • Never feel embarrassed about submitting a maintenance request.

No matter how large or strange your problem may seem, chances are that management or a maintenance contractor has heard and/or seen it before.  Never feel embarrassed about asking for help!

King & Queen Apartments in Downtown Williamsburg, VA near the College of William and Mary is dedicated to providing clean, safe, quiet and convenient housing to undergraduate and graduate students attending the College of William and Mary.  One of our main goals to respond quickly to reported repair and maintenance issues.  Tenants at King & Queen Apartments are asked to submit all routine maintenance repair requests online by using the online maintenance request form.