Glo Fiber Wi-Fi Internet

Starting on October 5th, King & Queen Apartments is pleased to include Glo Fiber Wi-Fi Internet. The service will likely begin in the evening of October 5th, once installation is complete and the installers have checked that everything is working properly.

Once complete, King & Queen Apartment residents will have access to:

  • Glo Fiber’s fiber optic network.
  • Mesh Wi-Fi to be used around the apartment community.
  • 1.2 GB* symmetrical upload and download speeds.
  • Up to 10 devices can connect per apartment – ideal for multiple people working from home, multiple simultaneous streamers, and 4K streaming.

* Actual speed may vary when connected via Wi-Fi.

Getting here has been a long, seven-month process, and they’re not quite done yet; everything must be completely installed and tested.

Installation on October 5th

Starting in the morning on October 5th, the installers will need to access the walk-in closet in every apartment to finish installation and test the connections.

They will be installing an optical network terminal and a mesh Wi-Fi router in each walk-in closet.

The installers will need clear access to the top corner of the wall with the electrical panel, where an optical network jack and electrical outlet are located.

Resident Action Items

Before October 5th:

  • Please move all items of clothing, furniture, etc. away from under this area to allow easy access for the installers to install the equipment.
  • NOTE: Management is not responsible for anything that needs to be moved by the installers or by management.

On October 5th:

  • The installers will arrive on premises between the hours of 8 AM – 10 AM.
  • A member of the management team will be on premises to open the door if no one home.
  • Expect the installers to be on premises for 8 hours that day in order to ensure that everything is complete and working correctly.
  • NOTE: The installers will be entering your apartment at some point on October 5th to complete installation and to test the Internet connection, even if no one is home.

Thank you for your attention, and your cooperation in this endeavor, as Glo Fiber fiber optic Wi-Fi comes to the King & Queen Apartments community.