General Sanitation: Including Properly Disposing of Trash, Recycling, Cardboard, and Furniture

Rules & Regulations Spotlight: General Sanitation

General Sanitation, Including Properly Disposing of Trash, Recycling, Cardboard, and Furniture.

General sanitation including properly disposing of trash, recycling, cardboard, and furniture, is important in any community.  Located in the Historical Preservation District of the City of Williamsburg, Virginia with upwards of 52 residents living in 26 apartments on less than a half an acre, King & Queen Apartments is a small community unto itself.  It is imperative that those who live in the King & Queen Apartments community respect the other residents living in the apartment community, and to adhere to the following, as noted in the section regarding Trash and Recycling in the Rules & Regulations portion of the Lease Agreement:

  • Do not allow food, garbage, and trash to accumulate not only in, but also outside, your apartment.  Doing so can pose a problem to not only your apartment but also to your neighbors.  Promptly removing and properly disposing of trash will prevent an infestation of bugs and insects, which can start in one apartment and spread to another.
  • Remove all garbage and trash from your apartment in a clean and safe manner.  Trash must be wrapped or placed in plastic trash bags and tied before taking it to the dumpster.
  • Dispose of all garbage, trash, debris and recycling materials in the designated dumpster or recycling container. DO NOT LOAD THE DUMPSTER FULL OF RECYCLABLES, ESPECIALLY CARDBOARD BOXES. Properly disposing of your trash means recycling glass, plastics, aluminum, paper, and cardboard in the recycling container located next to the dumpster, and reading the sign on and using the dumpster accordingly.  Please dispose of personal items that are no longer needed properly.  The are upwards of 52 residents using the dumpster so please be aware that filling up the dumpster with cardboard boxes prevents the dumpster from being used for trash.
  • Do not place garbage, trash, furniture outside of, or against, the dumpster.  It is not the dumpster truck driver’s job to move or dispose of items left next to the dumpster.  Additionally, these items may fall underneath the dumpster when it is raised and causing additional problems.  Any personal items such as furniture or appliances should be taken to a local charity like Goodwill or disposed of properly, not by throwing them into, or leaving or sitting them next to, the dumpster.
  • Do not leave personal items, garbage, trash or debris, including cigarette butts, on or outside of the apartment or on the premises, parking area, porches or walkways.  King & Queen Apartments is a NO SMOKING community. You will be responsible for removing and/or cleaning up any items that are left or not disposed of properly, including cigarette butts.  If garbage, trash, or debris are left outside of your apartment it will be removed and disposed of at your expense.  This includes bodily fluids and other liquids that are spilled all over the porches or premises, in general.

Not following any or all of the aforementioned items is a violation of your Lease Agreement and may result in a maintenance charge assessed to your apartment.

Recycling collection is on Wednesdays; regular trash collection is on Thursdays.  If either dumpster is full in the morning, it might be best to wait until after the recycling or trash has been collected to then throw away your recycling or trash.

Any items, including furniture, that are abandoned and left by the dumpster will be hauled off and disposed of properly and the cost to do so will be charged to the apartment that left the items next to the dumpster.

What is not allowed in the dumpster? Noted in the King & Queen Apartments’ Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations, as well as, on both side doors of the dumpster:

“No appliances, air-conditioners, vacuums, mattresses, box springs, furniture, auto batteries, rugs, oil, petroleum products, paint, flammable or toxic materials.”

Additionally, Tenant(s) shall obey the “Dumpster Rules” displayed on the dumpster.  The “Dumpster Rules” are:

  1. Tenant’s use ONLY; violators will be prosecuted.
  2. Digging or scavenging is prohibited.
  3. Do not put trash against dumpster.
  4. Please recycle; use recycling container.
  5. Do not put empty cardboard boxes in the dumpster; break down and put into the recycling container.
  6. Prohibited items in or next to dumpster:
    – No appliances, air conditioners, vacuums, mattresses, box springs, furniture, rugs and carpet, auto batteries. rugs, oil, petroleum products, paint, flammable or toxic materials.

When moving out, see the article on Move-Out Procedures and section by the same name in the Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations section of the Lease Agreement.

For more information about general sanitation please refer to the Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations section of the Lease Agreement.