Extended Break 2020-2021

The Extended School Break 2020-2021 is almost here! Here are a few important things to relay to you before you hit the road on your extended absence and break.

1. Over the Extended School Break, there will be some exterior maintenance to the porches and landings, including power washing.  If you plan to leave your vehicle while you are gone, please move it away from and from under the porches and stairs. Vehicles left parked over the Extended Break in the areas shown in red below will be moved at the vehicle owner’s expense.

2. Also, during the Extended School Break, a new smart, deadbolt system will be installed on every door and in every apartment unit in the community. This new system will allow residents to control their lock via an app from their smartphone, as well as, locking/unlocking the lock at the keypad. *PLEASE NOTE* that upon installation, the new system will email each resident a unique, auto-generated 6-digit access code to unlock the lock. The current, 4-digit access codes will no longer be active. Stay tuned for more information about the new system!

3. Before leaving on Extended School Break or any extended length of time, be sure to prepare your apartment for your absence.  Among other things, close up, put away and clean up any open or spilled food, and remove any trash, garbage, and recycling in your apartment and put it into the proper receptacle before you leave.

Also, be sure to do the following for the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy during an extended absence (an extended absence is defined in your lease documents as a period of more than seven consecutive (7) days).

  1. Turn off all interior lights, including min-lights, string lights, rope lights, and Christmas/Holiday lights,
  2. Turn off all household appliances such as air-conditioners (portable and window) and air purifiers,
  3. Remove all window fans and screens from windows,
  4. Fully close and lock all windows that do not have air-conditioners installed in them,
  5. For windows with air-conditioners installed in them (especially for apartments located on the 1st floor), be sure a security spring rod is in place to prevent the window from being opened from the outside,
  6. Remove any trash or garbage,
  7. Do not leave dirty dishes or standing water in the sink or any food left out,
  8. Turn the thermostat heat down to 50 degrees.
  9. Make sure the front door is locked before you leave.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Stay safe and enjoy your break!