Apartment Air-Conditioning

The apartment community is equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly efficient chilled water system that was installed in 2022. The system provides air-conditioning to all of the apartment units. The central air-conditioning system was turned on May 1 and will remain on throughout the summer and early fall months. Chilled water is constantly moving through the units and when the unit in your apartment turns on to cool your apartment, it will do so quickly and efficiently.

**PLEASE NOTE** The thermostat is located above the return grille cover on the wall in the living room. It regulates the temperature of the apartment by the setpoint provided. Set the FAN to “AUTO”; do not set the thermostat to “ON”.

DO NOT cover or block the air return grille. Per Section D, Heating and Air-Conditioning of your Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations, “Furniture or wall hangings shall not cover and shall be at least 6 inches away from the air return grille to the heating system located on the wall in the living room of the Dwelling Unit”.

Please follow the instructions below, making certain you use a setpoint temperature.

To turn the on air-conditioning in your apartment (once the system is switched over on May 1): 

  1. Locate the thermostat on the living room wall above the return (the large panel).
  2. Flip down the bottom cover of the thermostat controls.
  3. Set the FAN switch to “AUTO”.
  4. Set the SYSTEM switch to “COOL”.
  5. Close the cover of the thermostat controls.
  6. The number listed on the left side of the screen is the current temperature in your apartment; the number on the right side of the screen is the setpoint temperature setting.
  7. Press the arrow buttons to the desired set-point temperature.
  8. When the current temperature in the apartment rises above the desired, set-point temperature, the fan will turn on automatically to bring the current temperature in the apartment down to match the set-point temperature.

If the FAN switch is set to “ON” instead of “AUTO”, the air-conditioning will be continuously blowing in the apartment.

Remember to keep your windows and doors closed while cooling your apartment to achieve the most efficiency and comfort.

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