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Security Deposit

As stated in your Lease Agreement,  the apartment is to be professionally cleaned, at tenant’s expense, at move-out or vacancy at lease expiration by a Landlord-approved cleaning company.

Please check the website and/or with One Door Realty, Inc for a list of Landlord-approved cleaning companies.

A copy of the paid Landlord-approved cleaning company’s bill is required at the time of move-out. Tenants must schedule well in advance for their apartment to be cleaned to ensure that the apartment is clean prior to move-out.

If a tenant does not have their apartment cleaned by a Landlord-approved cleaning company prior to move-out, Landlord may hire a cleaning company to clean the apartment and the cost of cleaning, plus a $100.00 Coordination Fee, shall be deducted from the tenant’s Security Deposit.

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Your Lease Agreement and Rules and Regulations detail the things you need to do and accomplish to properly vacate your apartment.  In fact, your Lease documents outline them in great detail.  Please refer to your Lease documents and contact Management with any questions.

A letter will be sent to you notifying you of the balance due that could not be covered by your deposit. Payment will be expected promptly to prevent further legal action to collect the debt.

No. Your Security Deposit is held in a separate escrow account and can only be used for outstanding charges after you vacate the property – NOT for your last month’s Rent.

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