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No, King & Queen Apartments does not have the space for on-site laundry facilities.  However, there are several local options* to wash and dry your dirty clothes.

Pounds of Laundry

Laundry service: Locally owned and operated We Do It 4 U Delivery Laundry Services is an option.  They can have your laundry picked up, washed, folded, and delivered back to your apartment within 24 hours!   They pick up and deliver up to 4 times per month. This laundry service option will save you lots of time each month.  No more carrying, washing, drying, sorting or folding your laundry.  They offer very reasonable monthly rates for college students.

Nearby washers/dryers/laundromats: Since King & Queen Apartments is located adjacent to the College of William & Mary, Tenants, who are students at the college, could possibly use on-campus laundry facilities.  Other laundromat facilities are also located nearby, just a short drive away.

See map below, as well as, information and distance from King & Queen Apartments:

Laundry facilities close to King & Queen Apartments

                          Map courtesy of the College of Willam & Mary. Approximate distance to nearest on-campus laundry facility (in feet from King & Queen Apartments):

Tribe Square (715): <250 (+/-) feet

Bryan Complex (608, 614, 604, 710 & 662): <450 (+/-) feet

One Tribe Place (675): <600 (+/-) feet

Soaps ‘n Suds – 216 Monticello Avenue: <.9 miles

*PLEASE NOTE: Reference in this article to any specific commercial product, process, or service, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name is for the information and convenience of the public, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by King & Queen Apartments, LLC.

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All of the apartments consist of one (1) bedroom and the maximum number of occupants is two (2).  According to Section 404.4.1 of the Virginia Maintenance Code:

404.4.1 Room area. Every living room shall contain at least 120 square feet (11.2 m2) and every bedroom shall contain at least 70 square feet (6.5 m2) and every bedroom occupied by more than one person shall contain at least 50 square feet (4.6 m2) of floor area for each occupant thereof.

Additionally, Section 404.4 of the Virginia Maintenance Code further states:

404.5.1 Sleeping area. The minimum occupancy area required by Table 404.5 shall not be included as a sleeping area in determining the minimum occupancy area for sleeping purposes. All sleeping areas shall comply with Section 404.4.

Occupancy Table

The bedrooms at King & Queen Apartments are right at 146 square feet (13.6 m2) each.  Therefore, the bedroom floor area requirement to allow an additional, third occupant would mean the bedrooms would have to be at least 170 square feet (15.8 m2).

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The measurement of the open area of the double-hung windows when the bottom sash is fully raised is 32.25″ wide and 24″ high.

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Yes, all tenants are required to have an active renter’s insurance policy, commonly known as an HO-4 policy, in the name of each tenant, while living in an apartment at King & Queen Apartments.  More information about this can be found in the FAQ, “Do I really need renter’s insurance or am I covered under my parents’ homeowner’s insurance?

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If you are a college student living off-campus, you need your own renter’s insurance policy to cover your belongings and any damage to your apartment or the premises.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC),

“College students renting an off-campus apartment or house while away at school should consider purchasing renters insurance to protect their personal property, such as a computer, television, stereo, bicycle or furniture, in the event that it is damaged, destroyed or stolen.

Even if a student is a dependent under his or her parent’s insurance, the student’s personal property, in many cases, is not covered if the student lives off-campus. Parents should check their policy or contact their insurance agent to see if renters insurance is right for their son or daughter who is away at school.”

However, often parents and/or students assume or are misled to believe that the parents’ homeowner’s insurance will cover any loss or damage to an off-campus house or apartment. This can be a very costly mistake. The NAIC notes that “…if a college student is under 26 years old, enrolled in classes and living in on-campus housing, the student may be covered under his or her parents’ homeowners or renters insurance policy.”

For the potential benefits and coverage, purchasing renter’s insurance is not costly at all.  The NAIC says that “the premiums for renters insurance average between $15 and $30 per month depending on the location and size of the rental unit and the policyholder’s possessions.”

Additionally, students living in off-campus housing should consider purchasing both personal property and liability coverage. “Most renters insurance policies provide two basic types of coverage: personal property and liability. Personal property coverage pays to repair or replace personal belongings if they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. This is the most commonly purchased renter’s policy.

Liability insurance provides coverage against a claim or lawsuit resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others caused by an accident while on the policyholder’s property.”

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As of the 2019-2020 Lease Term, the Security Deposit for an apartment is $1,500.

Security Deposits cannot be used to pay for the last month’s rent.

The application fees are: $50 per Tenant Application and $50 per Guarantor Application.

Prospective Tenants:

Each adult (person over 18 years of age) planning to occupy the apartment must fill out an Application for Tenancy.

Prospective Guarantors:

Each guarantor, who plans to financially guarantee the lease, must fill out a Guarantor Application.  Guarantors are financially guaranteeing the lease. Guarantors are not considered Tenants of the apartment they are financially guaranteeing and, therefore, do not have the same rights to the use of the premises or access to the apartment as Tenants.

Yes, a plastic shower curtain liner must be used when taking showers.  Flooding, leaks, and damage to the bathroom wall and floor can be caused by the misuse or no use of a shower curtain liner while showering.  Tenants will be charged for any damages caused by the misuse or no use of a shower curtain liner.

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You will need to visit the nearest US Post Office and complete a change of address form or you can go online and use the US Postal Service’s change of address system. See US Postal Service Change of Address.

Since the apartments are located literally next door to the College of William & Mary, nearly all of our residents are students.  However, you do not have to be presently enrolled in the college to lease an apartment.

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Our leases are typically 11.5 to 12 months.  The first lease term typically begins between June 6th-9th and ends on or around May 22nd of the following year (depending on the terms of the lease).  Renewed leases begin on or around May 22nd (depending on the terms of the lease) for 12 months.  Depending on availability, it is possible to have a shorter lease term, if a lease is signed and commences in July, August or even January.  In these cases, the lease term will still end on or around May 22nd (depending on the terms of the lease).

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Yes, recycling is available at the apartments.  In fact, the recycling receptacle is located directly beside the garbage dumpster and is only to be used for recyclable materials.

For more information about recyclable materials, please refer to the February 2016 post about Recycling

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U.S. Postal Service mail and other parcel and package delivery services deliver to King & Queen Apartments.  U.S. Postal Service mail and packages are delivered to assigned mailboxes for each apartment. These mailboxes are located by Apartment 1.

King & Queen Mailboxes

All packages, especially from UPS and Fed Ex are typically delivered by the carrier to the apartment door to whom the package is addressed. Packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service that are small enough to leave at or in a mailbox are delivered to the mailbox; if the packages are too large, U.S. Postal Service packages will be delivered at the apartment door to whom the package is addressed.

In order for any mail or package to be properly delivered, the mail or package must have the following legibly written on them:

  1. the name of the tenant(s) currently living in a particular apartment;
  2. the proper apartment number on the mail or package.

For example, mail and packages should be addressed:Tenant Name732 Scotland Street, Apt. X (or #X)Williamsburg, VA 23185

If neither the name nor the apartment number is properly indicated, the mail or package could be returned to sender.

Management is neither responsible for any mail or packages left at the Premises, including mailboxes, porches, sidewalks, and landings, nor is it responsible for the acceptance of any packages, furniture, items or articles, on behalf of a tenant, that are delivered to the Premises. This includes mail or packages that do not indicate the proper apartment number in the address.

Tenants are encouraged to check and empty their mailbox on a regular basis.  If a mailbox becomes so overloaded with mail that the mail carrier is unable to continue to deliver mail to the mailbox, the undelivered mail could be returned to sender.

When a tenant moved out, Management does not forward mail to any tenant’s new address. At the end of the lease term, at vacancy, tenants must file a Change of Address with the U.S. Postal Service.

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No, you are not authorized to change the locks to your apartment.

Should you desire to have them changed during your tenancy, Management must approve the lock change.  The work will be done by a licensed locksmith and you will be responsible for the cost of re-keying the lock.

Virginia law allows for new locks to be installed pursuant to a court order.  Section 55-248.18:1 of the Act explains this.

Additionally, Virginia law also requires Tenants, who install a security alarm on the door of the Dwelling Unit, to give an access code, as well as, instructions on how to use the alarm, to Landlord.

Construction of the apartment buildings was completed in 1964.

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The integrity and structure of both 3-story apartment buildings were built-to-last with James River brick, block, mortar, poured concrete, iron, and steel. The walls of each apartment are mainly original plaster and all of the hung windows were replaced in 2012 with thermal windows. Concrete block firewalls run vertically between each apartment.

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