Thanksgiving Break & Power Washing on Wednesday, November 22nd

Thanksgiving Break 2023 is almost here and there are a few things to relay to you before you hit the road on your break.

thanksgiving break

On Wednesday, November 22nd, starting in the morning, the porches, landings, stairs, walls, doors, and bay windows will be power washedBefore the work begins, the bottoms of each apartment door will be blocked (either with tape or a towel) in an attempt to prevent water from seeping into the apartment.

Before leaving town for Thanksgiving, please move your vehicle away and from under the porches, landings, and stairs so the contractors can access and power wash the buildings. *NOTE* If you leave your vehicle parked in areas marked in red, your vehicle will be subject to having water and debris sprayed onto it during the power washing on November 22nd.

Any items left on the porches and landings will be removed before the work begins on Thursday, November 22nd.

Please be sure to do the following before you leave on a break for the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy during an extended absence:

  1. Take your trash and recycling to the respective dumpster,
  2. Do not leave standing water or dirty dishes in the sink, or food left out/open,
  3. Turn off all interior lights, including mini-lights, string lights, and rope lights,
  4. Remove any fans and screens from windows,
  5. Lock all windows* (for locking the windows: LEFT is LOCKED; right is unlocked).
    To fully unlock the window, make sure both window locks are turned to the right.
    – Close both window sashes (up and bottom so the lock on each aligns)
    Turn both locks to the LEFT. The window is now LOCKED.
  6. Lock the front door. Fully close your front door before locking it from the outside.

* For apartments located on the 1st floor, a tightly fit tension rod between the lower and upper sash can be added for extra protection

Thank you for your cooperation!

Have a fun and safe break. Happy Thanksgiving!