Switching from Heat to Air-Conditioning on May 1st

The annual switch from central heat to air-conditioning will occur on May 1st.

Yes, we have experienced a few warm days here and there, but it will get chilly again before May 1st!

According to Chapter 6 of the Virginia Maintenance Code, King & Queen Apartments must “supply heat during the period from October 15 to May 1 to maintain a temperature of not less than 68°F (20°C)”


To turn the on air-conditioning in your apartment (once the system is switched over on May 1): 

  1. Locate the thermostat on the living room wall above the return (the large panel).
  2. Flip down the bottom cover of the thermostat controls.
  3. Set the FAN switch to “AUTO”.
  4. Set the SYSTEM switch to “COOL”.
  5. Close the cover of the thermostat controls.
  6. The number listed on the left side of the screen is the current temperature in your apartment; the number on the right side of the screen is the setpoint temperature setting.
  7. Press the arrow buttons to the desired set-point temperature.
  8. When the current temperature in the apartment rises above the desired, set-point temperature, the fan will turn on automatically to bring the current temperature in the apartment down to match the set-point temperature.

If the FAN switch is set to “ON” instead of “AUTO”, the air-conditioning will be continuously blowing in the apartment.

Remember to keep your windows and doors closed while cooling your apartment to achieve the most efficiency and comfort.

*PLEASE NOTE* When the central A/C system is turned on May 1, it may take some time for the cooling to begin in your apartment. Once the system has cooled down in A/C mode, it will be available until October 15th at the earliest or, at the latest, November 1st, regardless of weather.

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