Premium Collegiate Resident Program

shot term lease options

Sometimes you don’t need to rent an apartment for a full year.

We get it.

To assist future residents with personalized, short-term lease options, we have created the King & Queen Apartments’ Premium Collegiate Resident Program. This program offers flexible, personalized, short-term leases as short as 4 months.

Here’s how it works.

Prospective and renewing residents pick the apartment type and their desired lease term from the tables below. The short-term lease terms and the corresponding monthly rent noted are for leases starting on the first (1st) day of the corresponding month.

Monthly Rental Rates for Short-Term Leases Ending in December 2021*

Unit Type
September through DecemberAugust through DecemberJuly through DecemberJune through December
Whitfield (end unit)$1670$1595$1520$1470
Questions about the apartment unit types? See Floor Plans page for more information.

Monthly Rental Rates for Short-Term Leases ending in May, June, or July 2022*

Unit Type
February through MayJanuary through May
February through June
December through May,
January through June,
February through July
November through May,
December through June, or
January through July
Whitfield (end unit)$1520$1470$1420$1395
Questions about the apartment unit types? See Floor Plans page for more information.

* lease terms are subject to availability.

Any personalized, short-term leases that start before or after the the first of the month will be pro-rated on a daily basis by using rental amount of the month in which the lease started. The monthly rent amount in which the lease started will continue until the end of the lease term.

All leases at King & Queen Apartments include our Resident Benefit Package.

We hope that these options will help those who are looking for personalized, short-term lease terms in downtown Williamsburg next to the College of William & Mary.