Power Washing on April 9th

On Thursday, April 9th, starting around 11 AM, the exterior of the buildings, including the porches, landings, stairs, walls, doors, and bay windows will be power washed. Earlier that morning, before the work begins, bottoms of each apartment door will be taped to prevent water from seeping in.

Vehicles cannot be parked in the areas shown in red below on Thursday, April 9th. Please move your vehicle away from and from under the porches, landings, and stairs so the contractors can access and power wash the buildings. If you leave your vehicles parked in areas marked in red, your vehicle will be moved at your expense.

Also, please remove any items that are on the porches or landings, inclouding doormats. Any items left on the porches and landings will be removed before the work on Thursday, April 9th begins.

Thank you for your cooperation.