*NEW* Schlage Touch Screen Key Pad Dead Bolt Locks

New Schlage Touch Screen Key Pad Dead Bolt Locks were recently installed in all of the apartment units at King & Queen Apartments.  These locks are designed to make life easier for our tenants, as physical keys are no longer needed lock or unlock apartment doors.  There are no keys to lose or forget, to potentially become locked out of their apartment.043156312108.PT05._V396102536_

The Schlage Touch Screen Key Pad Dead Bolt Locks are on a secure network and the 4-Digit User Codes are added to each lock.  Existing tenants must give Management their 4-Digit User Codes to they can be programmed into the lock through the secure network.  In order for new tenants to have access to their apartment, among other things, they must supply management their 4-Digit User Code to get access to their apartment.  Once Management has received all of the necessary paperwork, the 4-Digit User Code will be entered into the lock through the secured network.

Please be sure that you use a 4-Digit User Code that you will remember.  This 4-Digit User Code is your key to the apartment and giving your code to someone else is the same as giving them a copy of your key.  For your safety and the safety of your apartment and your property DO NOT SHARE YOUR 4-DIGIT ACCESS CODE TO SOMEONE ELSE!

Unlocking from the Outside:

  1. Press Outside “SCHLAGE” Button. (If the door is already unlocked, pressing the “SCHLAGE” button will lock the door). SchlageTouch Screen Deadbolt
  2. The lighted numbers on the key pad will illuminate in blue.
  3. Enter a valid 4-Digit User Code.
  4. The green success check mark will light and the deadbolt will unlock.

TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: If the red error X lights, the 4-Digit User Code was not valid.

**The lock WILL NOT automatically lock when you close the door. **

Locking from the Inside:

  1. Rotate the Inside Thumbturn to lock door.

NOTE: The Inside “SCHLAGE” Button will not lock the deadbolt.

To lock your door press “SCHLAGE” again and check to make sure it locks. This is your responsibility.

Locking from the Outside:

  1. Pull the door tightly, making sure that it is fully closed.
  2. Press the Outside “SCHLAGE” Button.
  3. The lock will lock.


  • If the red error X lights and the lock makes one long continuous beep, the deadbolt was not able to full lock.  Pull the door securely, unlock and re-lock the door using the 4-Digit User Code and Outside “SCHLAGE” Button as noted above.
  • If 4-Digit User Code cannot be entered after Outside “SCHLAGE” Button is pressed and the lock gives 1 beep 1 red error X light, then too many incorrect 4-Digit User Codes have been entered. Wait 30 seconds and try again.

Each lock is equipped with industrial batteries.  Please report any of the issues noted below immediately by submitting an Online Maintenance Request.  If a low battery indicator goes unreported, you may become locked out of your apartment!  Do not let any of the low battery notifications go unreported!

Here are some important battery TROUBLESHOOTING NOTES:

  • If after entering a 4-Digit User Code to unlock the lock is entered, the yellow dot is flashing and there is a delay before unlock, several beeps and outside yellow dot flashing, the Batteries Are Low and must be replaced.
  • If the Inside Schlage Button flashes every 5 seconds, Batteries Are Low and must be replaced.
  • If 3 red error Xs light when Outside Schlage Button is pressed, Batteries Are Critically Low and must be replaced.
  • Backlighting does not come on when Outside “SCHLAGE” Button is pressed and 4-Digit User Code cannot be entered, then the batteries in the lock are completely dead and no electronic operations are possible.

**If you notice any of these issues, the batteries are either near the end of their useful life, or dead, and must be replaced.  Please contact Maintenance by submitting an Online Maintenance Request.**

*NOTE* the alarm function has been turned off on all of the Schlage Touch Screen Key Pad Dead Bolt locks at King & Queen Apartments.

For more information, please refer to the Rules & Regulations portion of the King & Queen Apartments Lease Agreement.