Useful Information About the Apartments

Moving into a new place can be a bit confusing at first.  Sometimes something that would seem simple, like figuring out how to turn on the heat, can be difficult.  Things like this are important to know about your apartment when you first move into it. The following is useful information about the apartments at King & Queen Apartments, located in Downtown Williamsburg, VA.

This information was compiled as a reference guide to assist you during your tenancy in an apartment.  We hope that this information will help you when moving into an apartment, and to better your experience at King & Queen Apartments.  Please also refer to the Possible Maintenance Issues page of this website.

When you first move in:

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the electrical service box (breaker box). *NOTE* During the summer of 2016, the electrical system in every apartment unit at King & Queen Apartments was upgraded to a breaker box with dual function arc fault and ground fault combination breakers.
    • The electrical service box is located on the wall in the walk-in closet (small metal door).
    • In the electrical service box, find the where the main, range, living room, bedroom, and bathroom breakers are located. NOTE: a portion of more than one room may be assigned to a single breaker.
  • Locate of the ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) throughout the apartment (these are located above the counter top of the kitchen sink and on the wall in the bathroom).  These are described and explained later in the Electrical Service and Outages section of this page.
  • Locate the water shut off valves found under the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink and beside the toilet.

Locating and familiarizing yourself with these items when you first move in may eliminate damage down the road.


  • Window Treatments:  Roll-up shades are installed in each window of every apartment.  Do not remove, replace or interfere with the shades provided.  The roll-up shades installed in the apartments do not provide complete privacy, so drapes or curtains can be hung in addition to the existing roll-up shades.  If drapes or curtains are hung at any window, the drapes or curtains must be hung on the interior side of the shade ONLY, thus leaving the shades provided hung at the front and against the window.  Window decorations, such as drapes and blinds, other than the shades furnished, may be used but must be in addition to the shades provided.  These drapes or blinds must carry a recognized fire rating and be constructed of fire retardant material.
  • This information can be found in the Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations portion of the King & Queen Apartments Lease Agreement.
Electrical Service & Outages

*NOTE* During the summer of 2016, the electrical system in every apartment unit at King & Queen Apartments was upgraded to a breaker box with dual function arc fault and ground fault combination breakers.

  • The electrical service box in your apartment contains circuit breakers (in a breaker box).  The circuit breakers in each breaker box are combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI).
    • Breakers: a breaker is a switch that controls a specific electrical circuit.
    • When the circuit is overloaded, the breaker may “trip”.  When this happens, the switch that completes the circuit switches to the “off” position (the switch is pointing to the outside of the box),  the circuit is no longer complete and the power goes out.  To fix a “tripped” breaker, first look to see if there was anything that may have overloaded the circuit (i.e. multiple appliances such as an air-conditioning unit, hair dryer, curling iron,etc. running on the same circuit),  Unplug or turn off these these appliances so they will not come on again when the breaker is switched back on.  Then find the switch that has “tripped” and push it back toward the center of the breaker box until it clicks back into position.  The power to that circuit should now be restored.  If you have tried everything listed above, contact management via the King & Queen Apartments Online Maintenance Request Form.
  • If the power goes out in your apartment unit, first check to see if the entire apartment building or complex is without power.  If power is out in the entire complex or block, chances are that the power company already knows about it, but it is a good idea to call Dominion Virginia Power to report a power outage at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357).
  • Each apartment has a two (2) dedicated circuits with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).  These are located over the kitchen countertop and on the wall in the bathroom.  Many of the electrical outlets along the wall are controlled by the light switch located next to the front door and bedroom door.
    • If one of the electrical outlets is not functioning:
      – check to see if the light switch on the wall has been turned off.
      – check to see if a breaker has flipped.
      – if it is a GFCI and the GFCI button on the face of the outlet has popped, press the reset button back in.  If you continue to experience a problem, check to see how many electrical components are plugged into that wall outlet as it may be overloaded.  If problems continue to persist, please contact management.
  • If experiencing any arch or spark from a receptacle, do not continue to use it and contact the management immediately.

Door Deadbolt Locks and Codes

As of 2016, physical keys are no longer assigned to tenants.  Touchscreen Key Pad Deadbolts are installed on every entry door.  Each tenant gives Management the 4 digit access code they wish to assign to the lock on their apartment door.  This code is programmed into the lock.  Tenants then use their personal code to access their apartment.

To unlock the door using the touchscreen keypad deadbolt:

  1. Press “SCHLAGE” to turn the touchscreen on, then enter the personal 4 digit code.
  2. If the correct code is entered, the deadbolt will mechanically retract, unlocking the door.

The door WILL NOT automatically lock when it is closed.

To lock the door using the touchscreen keypad deadbolt:

  1. Pull the door completely closed.
  2. Press “SCHLAGE” and the deadbolt will lock.
  3. Check to make sure the door is locked before leaving the apartment.

For safety purposes, tenants should never give their personal code to someone else.  Tenants are responsible for anyone who enters the apartment using their personal code.

More information about the deadbolts, please refer to the Schlage Dead Bolt Lock article on the King & Queen Apartments website and the Rules & Regulations portion of the Lease Agreement.

Sink Drains

  • Each apartment at King & Queen Apartments is issued drain catchers. These include a
    • kitchen sink drain basket strainer and a
    • tub drain hair catcher.  
  • Using these drain catchers in the kitchen sink and tub drain significantly helps to keep the drains free of hair and other debris.
  • Avoid letting food, hair, and excess soap get down the drains.  
  • Tenant may be charged the cost to “snake out” and properly unclog drains caused by food, grease, hair, paper products, wipes, food, debris, feminine hygiene products, etc.
  • Do not use chemical drain clog removers in an attempt to unclog any drain or toilet. The chemicals may cause damage to the pipes, for which the tenant would be responsible. Hard chemical drain cleaners like Drano or Liquid Plumber are very powerful and dangerous chemicals that can cause severe personal injury, especially if an obstruction is in the drain.


Each apartment is equipped with an air handling unit that blows heat into the living room and bedroom through metal grates located on the living room wall and in the bedroom wall above the closet door.  The unit is controlled by a digital thermostat in each apartment.

The main heating system is turned on for the colder months (typically from mid-October to mid-April):

  • The heat is available “on-demand” when the temperature dips to a temperature necessitating the heat.
  • To operate the heating system when the heat has been turned on:

On the face of the thermostat:

    1. Set the system to “heat”
    2. Turn the fan setting to “auto”
    3. Adjust the thermostat to the desired or “set point” temperature setting (pressing the up or down arrows).

The current temperature, as well as, the setpoint temperature setting is displayed on the digital display.  When the setpoint temperature is set above the actual temperature, the heating fans will cut on to raise the temperature to the desired temperature setting.  Once the setpoint temperature has been reached, the fans will cut off.

Keep all windows and doors fully closed during cold or wet weather.


  • The apartments are not equipped with central air-conditioning; however, each apartment is allowed up to 2 air conditioners (see the provisions in King & Queen’s Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations pertaining to air conditioners).
  • No more than two (2) window air‐conditioning units may be in an apartment.
  • Air‐conditioners are to be installed and removed either by an approved contractor at Tenant’s expense in accordance with the installation and removal guidelines.
  • If an approved contractor is hired, they are to be paid at the time of service or the cost of service will be charged as additional rent. Contact Management for names of Owner’s approved contractors.
  • If an extension cord is required for the air-conditioning unit, Tenant shall use a 14-gauge major appliance air-conditioner extension cord to handle the electrical load of the air-conditioning unit.
  • The filter in the air-conditioning unit shall be cleaned and/or replaced to avoid any damage to the floor, window sills, or walls.
  • The installed air‐conditioning units must meet the following specifications:
    • Only air‐conditioners that clear a minimum of eleven (11) inches from the window sill and a maximum of about 8000 BTUs.
    • An air‐conditioner drip pan must installed under any air conditioner. The air‐conditioning drip pan(s) is provided in the apartment.
    • Air‐conditioning units cannot be installed in a bathroom window, or any window overlooking or facing the parking lot.
    • Air‐conditioners must have functioning side curtains and frames.
    • Do not use towels, cardboard, wood, plastic, tape, or similar items on the window with the air-conditioning unit. Only use Styrofoam as noted in the installation and removal guidelines, or used by the contractor, if installed by the contractor.
    • Nothing is to be screwed into, nailed or attached to the building, window sashes, window jambs, or window sills.
    • An adjustable security rod issued to each apartment. For security purposes, it is strongly suggested that the adjustable security rod is used between the lower sash and top of the inside of the window to prevent the window from being opened from the outside.
    • Clean and/or replace and/or clean the filter in the air conditioner unit so as to avoid any damage to the apartment including, but not limited to, the window sills and walls.
  • The freestanding, portable air-conditioning are acceptable if the unit meets the following specifications, noted in the provisions of the Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations:
    • Draws no more than 11 Amps / 115 Volts.  This will prevent an overload on a circuit.  Also, be aware that using multiple appliances (such as a blow-dryer and curling iron) at the same time, on the same circuit, you will likely cause the breaker to “flip”, especially on the same circuit as an air-conditioner.  If you flip a breaker, please refer to the Possible Maintenance Issues page at
    • Has an automatic evaporation system which means there is no condensation/water bucket/tank to empty, or worse, to overflow.  This feature is strongly recommended.  Whether the unit has this feature or not, the cost to repair any water damage to the dwelling unit or premises due to, but not limited to, the unit tipping over, overflowing or leaking, is the sole responsibility of the tenant.
    • Is installed properly.  More specifically, the exhaust vent is properly installed (per manufacturer’s specifications).
    • A wooden dowel or broomstick cut to fit between the lower sash and top of the inside of the window to prevent the window from being opened by an intruder is used.  Nothing is allowed to be screwed into, nailed or attached to the window sash or window.

Electric Range (and Oven)

  • All of the ranges (and ovens) at King & Queen Apartments are powered by electricity.  When a newer oven is turned on, it is possible that a faint, plastic smell may emit from the oven.  This is completely normal.
  • When you turn your temperature setting/dial to the desired oven temperature, a red light will turn on indicating that the oven is heating up.  When the oven reaches the temperature setting, the light will turn off.
  • The bottom element comes on when baking; the top element only turns on when the oven is set to ‘broil’.

Smoke Detectors & Fire Stoppers

  • There are two (2) smoke detectors and two (2) StoveTop FireStop fire suppressors installed in every apartment.
  • Each smoke detector is located on the ceiling – 1 in the living room and 1 in the bedroom – of each apartment.
  • The two (2) StoveTop FireStop fire suppressors are located underneath the range hood in the kitchen.  They are designed to put out stovetop fires.
  • If you experience a problem with either device, please contact management.

Conservation Tips & Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Utility Bills

Water Conservation

  • Keeping your shower time under 5 minutes could save you up to 1,000 gallons a month.
  • Put food coloring in your toilet tank. If it seeps into the toilet bowl, you just discovered a leak. Having a slow leak repaired could save around 600 gallons a month. (A toilet flapper stuck in a wide open position could waste around 3,000 gallons per day!)
  • Have leaky faucets repaired can save over 500 gallons a month.
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and save 4 gallons a minute. That equates to 400 gallons a month for an apartment of two.
  • Turn off the water while you shave and save more than 400 gallons a month.
  • Plug the bathtub before adjusting the temperature as the tub fills up.

Electricity Conservation

  • Turn the air conditioner off when you are not at home.  Also, raise the thermostat setting on your air conditioner 5° to 6° F.
  • Turn on fans, rather than air conditioners, to circulate air.
  • Close shades and curtains during the day to keep the heat out.
  • If you use an air purifier, put it on a timer so it only runs at night.
  • Limit the use of small appliances during the day – especially heat-producing appliances (such as toasters, coffee makers, electric fryers or griddles, hair dryers, curling irons, etc.)
  • Turn the lights off when you leave a room.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs where bulbs are on a lot of the time.
  • Minimize the length of time doors are open to your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Turn off home computers and televisions when not in use.
  • Promptly turn-off kitchen ventilating fans off when not in use.

Natural Gas Conservation

  • Lower your thermostat.  Save from 3% to 5% on your heating costs for each degree lowered.
  • Allow sunlight to enter your apartment during the day by raising blinds or opening curtains.
  • Close heavy drapes to add insulation.
  • Remove window air-conditioning units during the cold months.
  • Keep all windows fully closed.  Lock your windows to ensure they are fully closed.

Are you looking for renovated apartments close to the College of William & Mary in Downtown, Williamsburg, VA?  King & Queen Apartments is located next to the college, near the delis, bars and public transportation.  King & Queen Apartments offers renovated apartments perfect for undergraduate, graduate and young professionals.  Contact us today to set up a showing!

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