**UPDATE** Dumpster Removal & Repaving the Parking Lot

**6/20 UPDATE** Repaving the Parking Lot Due to the storms on Friday, 6/16, the paving contractors were delayed in starting the repaving project on Monday, 6/19. They completed the paving today, Tuesday 6/20, but still need to stripe the parking lot; they were unable to stripe the parking lot due to rain. Now, due to the forecast for the next … Read More

Apartment Air-Conditioning

The apartment community is equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly efficient chilled water system that was installed in 2022. The system provides air-conditioning to all of the apartment units. The central air-conditioning system was turned on May 1 and will remain on throughout the summer and early fall months. Chilled water is constantly moving through the units and when the unit … Read More

Switching from Heat to Air-Conditioning on May 1st

The annual switch from central heat to air-conditioning will occur on May 1st. Yes, we have experienced a few warm days here and there, but it will get chilly again before May 1st! According to Chapter 6 of the Virginia Maintenance Code, King & Queen Apartments must “supply heat during the period from October 15 to May 1 to maintain … Read More

Pest Control and Exterminating Schedule

King & Queen Apartments is dedicated to providing our tenants with a clean living environment.  Mares Exterminating, a Quality Pro member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), proactively and professionally treats each apartment for bugs and pests on a routine basis.   It is up to each tenant to keep their apartment clean to prevent the attraction and/or harboring of insects … Read More

Before Leaving for Winter Break…

Winter Break is almost here! Be sure to prepare your apartment for your absence. There are a few things to relay to you before you leave your apartment for several weeks.    Please be sure to do the following for the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy during an extended absence: (Winter Break is considered an extended absence … Read More

Complimentary Wi-Fi Service

King & Queen Apartments offers a complimentary Wi-Fi service for its residents intended for light use. Light usage includes video streaming, phone/tablet app usage, and Internet browsing, not gaming or other heavy bandwidth use. The Wi-Fi service is similar to a starter Internet service from a local carrier, except that King & Queen Apartments’ complimentary Wi-Fi service is set to 10 … Read More

Fall Break Is Almost Here!

William & Mary Fall Break is almost here and there are a few things to relay to you before you hit the road on your break.  Before leaving your apartment on Fall Break (or during any extended absence)… Please be sure to do the following for the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy: Take your trash and recycling … Read More

Heat will be turned on October 14th

Temperatures have changed quickly! Fall is here and winter is on the way. On October 14th, the central air-conditioning system to the apartments will be turned off and the main heating system to the apartments will be turned on. This does not mean that the heat turns itself on or automatically begins to blow in your apartment.  It just means … Read More

NOW LEASING! ACT NOW! DON’T MISS OUT! Downtown Williamsburg apartments – next to William and Mary Campus!

RENOVATED, OFF-CAMPUS APARTMENTS AVAILABLE FOR RENT. LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN WILLIAMSBURG NEXT TO THE COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY! Now receiving applications & leasing for 2023-2024 lease term! APPLY NOW! Contact us for more information! One Door Realty, Inc, Managing Agent of King & Queen Apartments, LLC, is receiving and accepting applications and signing leases for the 2023-2024 lease term. Located … Read More

PointCentral® an Alarm.com Company – Smart Home Solutions | Yale Real Living™ Push Button Deadbolt Locks & Alarm.com Security Panel

In January 2021, a PointCentral® an Alarm.com Company – Smart Home Solutions system consisting of a Yale Real Living™ Push Button Deadbolt (Smart) Lock and an Alarm.com security panel was installed in every apartment unit at King & Queen Apartments. This is an upgrade from the previous smart lock system and is designed to make life even easier for our … Read More