Installing Air-Conditioning Units

When moving into an apartment during the summer, one of the first things you’ll be doing is installing an air-conditioning unit (one or two, depending on your apartment).  If you want air-conditioning in your apartment, must you purchase, install and use a self-evaporative, portable air-conditioning unit.

Installing and using the new technology of a self-evaporative, portable air-conditioning unit will not only allow for better flexibility and use of the window(s) in your apartment, it will also save time and money in the future.

Before purchasing or installing a self-evaporative, portable or conventional, window air-conditioning unit, please read King & Queen Apartments’ Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations regarding Air-Conditioners.

When purchasing and installing a self-evaporative, portable air-conditioning unit, be sure to note the following:

  • It cannot draw more than 9 Amps / 115 Volts
  • It has an automatic evaporation system 
  • The exhaust vent is properly installed (per manufacturer’s specifications).
  • For security, 1st Floor Dwelling Units are equipped with a hook and eye latch to secure the top sash. Keep the hook and eye latched and use the adjustable window security bar provided by the Landlord between the lower sash and top of the inside of the window frame to prevent the window from being opened from the outside. This will also prevent the window from being opened by mistake and causing the air-conditioning vent to fall from the window. The adjustable window security bar(s) is (are) provided by Landlord and is property of Landlord.
  • Do not screw, nail, or attach (which includes glued, taped, adhered, or stuck) anything to the window sashes, window frames, window jambs, or windowsills.