All of the 26 apartments at King & Queen Apartments have 1 Bedroom and 1 Bathroom.

There are 2 distinctive sizes/floor plans: The Whitfield and The Fitzhugh.  The difference in pricing reflects the size of the specific apartments at King & Queen Apartments.

Both apartment sizes are located on either the first, second or third floors.

Size/Floor Plan Approx. Fin. Sq. Ft. Total Quantity Monthly Rent* 2019-2020
Whitfield 443 18 $1,140 – $1,165
Fitzhugh 558 8 $1,240

*Per apartment. 

Floor plans may vary slightly between apartments. See Floor Plans page for more information.

Please Note:

  • Adjoining apartments are typically mirror-images of each other.
  • A $1500 security deposit is required for all apartments.
  • All pricing and availability are subject to change.
  • Apartment pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • The information is to be used as a point of reference and not a binding agreement.

All dimensions are estimates only and may not be exact measurements. Square footage measurements are approximate. The sketches, renderings, graphic materials, plans, specifics, terms, conditions, and statements are proposed only, and the management company, the owners, and other affiliates reserve the right to modify, revise any or all of same in their sole discretion and without prior notice.

If you are looking for a quiet, convenient and renovated apartment in Downtown Williamsburg, near the College of William & Mary, the contact us today!  King & Queen Apartments has renovated apartments next to the College of William & Mary and less than a block from the delis, restaurants, and bars.

renovated apartment pricing in downtown williamsburg