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Winter Break is almost here and there are a few things to relay to you before you leave your apartment for several weeks. Prepare your apartment for your absence.  Among other things, close up, put away, and clean up any open or spilled food and take out the trash before you leave. Winter Break is considered an More Info »

Parking in the City of Williamsburg is at a premium and so is parking at King & Queen Apartments.  Space is limited and it is imperative that everyone living at King & Queen Apartments is properly using the parking lot.

Rules & Regulations Spotlight: General Sanitation General Sanitation, Including Properly Disposing of Trash, Recycling, Cardboard, and Furniture. General sanitation including properly disposing of trash, recycling, cardboard, and furniture, is important in any community.  Located in the Historical Preservation District of the City of Williamsburg, Virginia with upwards of 52 residents living in 26 apartments on less More Info »

Rules & Regulations Spotlight: Apartment Exterior Leaving Items on Porches and Railings & Fire Code. King & Queen Apartments is located in the City of Williamsburg’s Historic Preservation District.  As such, it is imperative that the property be kept up and free of trash, debris, and unsightly items in front of apartment exterior, or on the More Info »

Rules & Regulations Spotlight: Drain Care Preventing Hair, Food and Other Debris from Clogging Your Bathtub, Bathroom Sink, or Kitchen Sink Drain. Please refer to King & Queen Apartments’ Tenant Handbook & Rules and Regulations regarding Air-Conditioners (section A, pages 4-6 (2018-2019)). Bathtub Drain Care: Starting in the summer of 2018, each apartment is issued a More Info »

It’s that time of year again when apartments turn over, tenants move out, and new ones move in.  Here are some tips and guidelines to help with for a smooth move-out.  Be sure to follow these move-out procedures and contact management to schedule your move-out inspection. Move-Out: As a reminder, here are the Move-Out procedures More Info »

Each apartment was professionally cleaned by a cleaning company prior to move-in. At move‐out, or vacancy at lease expiration, Tenants, at Tenants’ expense, must have had their apartment cleaned by approved cleaning companies.  Tenants must schedule with an approved cleaning company and make prior arrangements for service.  Tenants must provide a copy of the paid, approved cleaning company’s More Info »

You may ask yourself: “King & Queen Apartments does not have on-site laundry facilities?!” It’s true.  King & Queen Apartments does not have the space for on-premises laundry facilities.  However, there are several local options* to wash and dry your dirty clothes. Laundry service: Locally owned and operated We Do It 4 U Delivery Laundry More Info »

RENOVATED DOWNTOWN WILLIAMSBURG APARTMENTS AVAILABLE FOR RENT THROUGH MAY 2019 – NEXT TO COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY! Now receiving applications & leasing for 2018-2019 lease term! NOW LEASING! APPLY NOW!  Contact us! Apartments available from June 2018 through May 2019! Brooks Real Estate, Inc., Managing Agent of King & Queen Apartments, LLC, is receiving and More Info »

Fall is here and winter is on the way. The main heating system to the apartments is being turned on October 16th.   This does not mean that the heat turns itself on or automatically begins to blow in your apartment.  It just means that heat is available in your apartment when you need it. To More Info »

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