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Fall is here and winter is on the way. The main heating system to the apartments is being turned on October 16th.   This does not mean that the heat turns itself on or automatically begins to blow in your apartment.  It just means that heat is available in your apartment when you need it. To […]

William & Mary Fall Break 2017 is here and there are a few things to relay to you before you hit the road on your break. Before leaving your apartment on Fall Break… Please be sure to do the following for the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy for an extended absence: Turn off […]

Parking in the City of Williamsburg is at a premium and so is parking at King & Queen Apartments.  Space is limited and it is imperative that everyone living at King & Queen Apartments is properly using the parking lot.

All tenants at King & Queen Apartments are responsible for their apartment utility bills and charges.  Tenants are responsible for the cost of utilities noted on Section 1 of the Lease Agreement during the Lease term (from the when your lease starts to when it ends).  These utilities, found in Paragraph 1, include: electric, heat (which includes heating of […]

When moving into an apartment in June, one of the first things you’ll be doing is installing air-conditioning units (one or two, depending on your apartment).  It is strongly recommended and preferred that you purchase, install and use a self-evaporative, portable air-conditioning unit in your apartment.  The portable unit may be a bit more expense to purchase; however, when comparing the pros and cons, […]

It is important to keep your apartment in order.  It is your responsibility.  To keep your apartment in order, you must routinely do things such as keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean, disposing of trash promptly, and not providing reasons for insects and pests to live in your apartment.  Doing simple things such as keeping […]

It’s that time of year again when apartments turn over, tenants move out and new ones move in.  Be sure to contact management at Howard Hanna William E. Wood to schedule your move-out inspection. When moving out,  you will have tons of unwanted stuff: trash, unwanted furniture, clothes, paper, books, clutter and last semester’s supplies, […]

Downtown Williamsburg is a beautiful, quaint, historic area.  That said, anything can happen anywhere, and at any time.  Here are some important things to consider for keeping your personal property safe and what to do if it is damaged or stolen.

Each apartment was professionally cleaned by a cleaning company prior to move-in. At move‐out, or vacancy at lease expiration, Tenants, at Tenants’ expense, must have had their apartment cleaned by approved cleaning companies.  Tenants must schedule with an approved cleaning company and make prior arrangements for service.  Tenants must provide a copy of the paid, approved cleaning company’s […]

It’s almost Spring Break 2017!  Can you believe it!?   Before you leave for Spring Break, there are a few things to relay to you: 1. Over Spring Break (weather permitting), the porches and landings will be power washed and parts of the exterior will be painted.  Before leaving your vehicle in the parking lot over Spring […]

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