It’s that time of year again when apartments turn over, tenants move out, and new ones move in.  Here are some tips and guidelines to help with for a smooth move-out.  Be sure to follow these move-out procedures and contact management to schedule your move-out inspection.



As a reminder, here are the Move-Out procedures noted in King & Queen Apartments’ Rules & Regulations:

  1. Move-out Inspections will be conducted by appointment only, Monday through Friday beginning at 9:00 AM and to be completed by 4:00 PM. An appointment for a move out inspection must be made with Managing Agent at least one (1) week in advance.

  2. Tenant is encouraged, but not required, to be present at the move-out inspection.

  3. Tenant must notify Managing Agent, in writing, if Tenant wishes to be present at the Move-out Inspection. Managing Agent will provide the date and time the inspection will be conducted.

  4. If Tenant does not want to be present at the Move-out Inspection, Tenant shall notify Managing Agent, in writing.

  5. If Tenant fails to show up at the scheduled time, the inspection report will be final and Tenant will not be allowed back onto the Dwelling Unit to correct any defects.

  6. A Move-out Inspection is made only after Tenant has completely vacated and the Dwelling Unit has been completely cleaned and emptied.

  7. A room-by-room inspection will be made of the entire Dwelling Unit, including interior, appliances, windows, blinds, doors, etc.

  8. The move-out inspection cleaning checklist is a cleaning guideline. Upon receipt of the written notice to vacate, Tenant will receive another copy.  Most tenants who use these guidelines receive their entire security deposit back.

Security Deposits & Cleaning:

At move-out or occupancy, for the return of the Security Deposit, Tenants must adhere to the Return of the Security Deposit section of the Rules & Regulation which states:

“At occupancy, upon Tenant’s move-in, Tenant occupied the Dwelling Unit after it was professionally cleaned by a cleaning company. Therefore, Tenant, upon move-out or vacancy at lease expiration, at Tenant’s expense, agrees to have the Dwelling Unit cleaned by a Landlord-approved cleaning company. Please check the website for a list of Landlord-approved cleaning companies. A copy of the paid Landlord-approved cleaning company’s bill is required at time of move-out. Tenant must schedule well in advance for the Dwelling Unit to be cleaned to ensure that the apartment is clean prior to move-out.

If Tenant does not have the Dwelling Unit cleaned by a Landlord-approved cleaning company prior to move-out, Landlord may hire a cleaning company to clean the Dwelling Unit. The cost of cleaning, plus a $100.00 Coordination Fee, shall be deducted from the Tenant’s Security Deposit.”

The King & Queen Apartments website has a list of Landlord-approved cleaning companiesA copy of the paid Landlord-approved cleaning company’s invoice is required at the time of move-out.

As a reminder, the Security Deposit may not be used as the last month’s rent.

For more information, please refer to the “Return of Security Deposit” section of the Rules & Regulations.

Trash & Unwanted Items:

When moving out,  you will have tons of unwanted stuff: trash, unwanted furniture, clothes, paper, books, clutter, and last semester’s supplies, all of which can cause a huge pain when moving out of your apartment at the end of your lease.  So move out & pitch in by donating any unwanted items and recycling anything recyclable, instead of throwing the stuff away!

Any unwanted clothes, electronics, furniture, household items, etc. can be taken to Goodwill, located at 1310 Richmond Road.  Some charities will even come and pick up the items. Contact the following charities to schedule a pick-up: Habitat For Humanity 757-596-5553 , CHKD 757-476-5437, DAV 757-220-0839, and Good Samaritan 757-877-0644.

Similarly, please make an effort to recycle the following items by placing them in the recycling bin in the parking lot.  Doing so will help those in need in the Williamsburg community and greatly reduce the amount of waste that is taken to our landfills.

Before and when using the dumpster, please remember to:

  • Please use the recycling receptacle for all recyclables.
  • Use the dumpster only for ordinary garbage, trash, and debris from your apartment,
  • NOT PUT CARDBOARD INTO THE DUMPSTER.  Instead, break down any cardboard boxes and put them in the recycling receptacle located next to the dumpster. Remove all garbage, trash, and debris from your apartment in a clean and safe manner,
  • donate_to_goodwillPlace all garbage, trash, and debris in trash bags, and tie them, before taking them and putting them into the dumpster,
  • Do not place garbage, trash, and debris outside of or against the dumpster.

Also, please do not leave furniture including, but not limited to, mattresses, box springs, sofas, beds, tables, desks, etc. in or next to the dumpster.  These items will not be thrown away and you may be charged a disposal fee for disposing of these items.  Instead, please take these items to Goodwill or to the James City County Landfill.