Parking in the City of Williamsburg is at a premium and so is parking at King & Queen Apartments.  Space is limited and it is imperative that everyone living at King & Queen Apartments is properly using the parking lot.

Due to the limited amount of parking, vehicles of friends, family, guarantors, guests and invitees that are parked in the parking lot without a valid parking decal are subject to being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.  Temporary passes are available from Management in accordance with the Rules & Regulations.
Space is limited. Be aware of the lines and markings in the parking lot:
  • Please be courteous to others and not park over the white lines and take up 2 spots.Parking Lot
  • There are 2 long parallel lines that lead up to the dumpster.  Do not park any part of your vehicle over either of these two lines.  Additionally, if you park your car in an angled spot in the middle of the parking lot, please be aware of how your car is parked and if it is allowing the vehicles parked against the building enough room to back out or enough room for vehicles to exit from the rear of the parking lot.  An easy way to ensure this is to park your car with your back bumper just inside the long white line leading up to the dumpster.
  • Vehicles should enter on the left and exit on the right.
Below is taken from the King & Queen Apartments’ Rules & Regulations.
  • There is on-street parking across the street from the apartments on Scotland Street. Tenant’s friends, family, guarantors, guests and invitees can park there, if and when spots are available. Additional public parking is available nearby parking
  • The parking lot is reserved for Tenant use only. Vehicles must have a valid parking decal or temporary pass (see “Vehicles and Parking Decals” and “Temporary Parking & Temporary Parking Pass”) or are subject to being towed at vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Parking is available on a first come, first served basis and parking spots are not assigned to individual apartments. Landlord does not guarantee a designated parking space for any Tenant.
  • No vehicle shall not be parked in any area marked “No Parking”.
  • No vehicle shall be parked in front of the garbage dumpster, over the white lines leading up to the garbage dumpster, or in any manner that prevents access to the garbage dumpster.
  • Tenant vehicles that prevent access to the garbage dumpster will be assessed the fee that the garbage disposal service charges to return to empty the garbage dumpster.
  • Any vehicle that is parked in violation of these Rules and Regulations is subject to being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.