When moving into an apartment in June, one of the first things you’ll be doing is installing air-conditioning units (one or two, depending on your apartment).  It is strongly recommended and preferred that you purchase, install and use a self-evaporative, portable air-conditioning unit in your apartment.  The portable unit may be a bit more expense to purchase; however, when comparing the pros and cons, the overall cost is comparable.

Installing and using the new technology of a self-evaporative, portable air-conditioning unit will not only allow for better flexibility and use of the window(s) in your apartment, it will also save time and money in the future.  The conventional, window air-conditioners are bulky, sometimes difficult to install, not as energy efficient and, if not properly installed, may cause damage to the window sill, window sash, wall and/or building.  Additionally, conventional, window air-conditioners at King & Queen Apartments must be installed and uninstalled by an approved contractor.  You will need to schedule with the contractor and pay them the service fees to install and then uninstall the conventional air-conditioning unit.  The cost and potential inconvenience of this will come close to, or equal, the additional cost of purchasing a self-evaporative, portable air-conditioning unit over that of a conventional, window air-conditioner.

Before purchasing or installing a self-evaporative, portable or conventional, window air-conditioning unit, please read King & Queen Apartments’ Rules & Regulations regarding Air-Conditioners (section C, pg. 10 (2017)).

Management needs to know what date you will be moving into your apartment.  King & Queen Apartments’ Rules & Regulations state that you must contact a Landlord’s approved contractor to install a conventional, window air-conditioning unit; however, the contractor is available on June 9, 2017, the commencement date of the lease, to install conventional, window air-conditioning units at the apartment community.  You must make an appointment with the contractor.

Please contact Management at Management@KingandQueenApts.com with the date you will be moving in (and anticipated time of day), whether it is on June 9th, or on another date.