Thanksgiving Break 2016 is almost here and there are a few things to relay to you before you hit the road on your break.Thanksgiving Break

Maintenance during Thanksgiving Break

Over the past few months some apartments have experienced intermittent issues with the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Locks that are beyond Management’s control.  Therefore, over Thanksgiving Break, repairs will be performed on each lock in hopes to resolve these issues for the future.  Maintenance will need to briefly access and enter each apartment.  These repairs will likely be done in the early morning hours and will in no way affect or change your access code you use to enter your apartment.

If you plan to stay in your apartment over Thanksgiving Break, please email Ann Rowe at and let her know.  Maintenance can work with you on the time they will be accessing your apartment.  Also, please be sure that over Thanksgiving Break that your apartment is always locked; Maintenance will be locking each door upon completing the repairs.

Before leaving your apartment on Thanksgiving Break…

Please be sure to do the following for the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy for any extended absence:

  1. Turn off all interior lights, including min-lights, string lights, rope lights and Christmas/Holiday lights,
  2. Remove all window fans and screens from windows,
  3. Fully close and lock all windows that do not have installed window air-conditioners in them,
  4. For windows with air-conditioners installed in them (especially for apartments located on the 1st floor), be sure the security spring rod is in place to prevent the window from being opened from the outside,
  5. Remove any trash or garbage.
  6. Do not leave dirty dishes in sink or any food left out.
  7. Lock the front door,
  8. During cold months, turn heat down to 50 degrees,
  9. During warm months, turn off air-conditioners.

Thank your for your cooperation!

Have a fun and safe break, and a Happy Thanksgiving!