Need some extra money?  Do you know a friend who is lookiReferral Programng for an apartment for the 2017-2018 leasing year?

Management is pleased to offer a Tenant Referral Program.  A referral fee of a $100 Wawa Gift Card will be paid to a current tenant at King & Queen Apartments for any referral of a new, qualified tenant that results in a signed lease of an available apartment unit.  So refer them to us and, if they rent an apartment, you’ll receive a $100* Wawa Gift Card!

So here is how the Tenant Referral Program works:

  • If you know someone who is looking to rent an apartment, refer them to us.
  • If they do decide to apply, please make sure that they write your name on their application.  This the only way we know who referred them.
  • If they are approved, sign a lease and move into the apartment, in return for your referral, you will receive a $100 Wawa Gift Card.

In order to qualify for the $100 referral Wawa Gift Card, the following Tenant Referral criteria must be met:

  1. Current tenant(s) must be residing in one of the apartment units at King & Queen Apartments and must be listed on the lease agreement.
  2. Current tenant(s) must be up-to-date on all rent and/or other charges, including delinquent rent owed.
  3. New applicant(s) must qualify and meet management’s rental criteria requirements.
  4. New applicant(s) must sign a minimum eleven-and-one-half (11 ½) month lease agreement with all required documentation and addendums.
  5. New applicant(s) has/have moved into the apartment unit as new a tenant(s).

New applicant(s) moving into an apartment currently under a lease agreement (i.e. new roommate, mid-lease move-ins, current tenant(s) break lease and find new applicant(s)) do not qualify for the Tenant Referral Program.

If you have any questions about the Tenant Referral Program, please do not hesitate to contact us at 757-220-0000 or at

Refer a friend!  Make some extra cash!

*The $100 Wawa Gift Card will only be given to one (1) current tenant.  If there are two (2) tenants residing in an apartment, the one (1) $100 Wawa Gift Card will be given to the referring tenant.  The $100 Wawa Gift Card will only be given for one (1) person per apartment unit.  If a current tenant refers more than one (1) person, but they all rent the same apartment unit together, the current tenant will only receive one (1) $100 Wawa Gift Card for that apartment unit being rented.  If the current tenant refers more than one (1) person and they each rent different apartment units, then the current tenant will receive a separate $100 Wawa Gift Card for each individual apartment unit rented. The current, referring tenant’s name must be noted on the application to receive the $100 Wawa Gift Card.