Rules & Regulations Spotlight: Drain Care

Preventing Hair, Food and Other Debris from Clogging Your Bathtub, Bathroom Sink or Kitchen Sink Drain.

Bathtub Drain Care:danco

Each apartment is issued a new Danco Bathtub Hair Catcher with Microban at move-in.   Use and keep the Danco Bathtub Hair Catcher with Microban intact and in place in the bathtub drain at all times to avoid clogged drain pipes.

When showering, especially when shampooing and conditioning hair, hair will inevitably wash down to the tub.   When the Danco Hair Cather with Microban is in place, it will catch the hair before it flows into the tub drain.  Therefore, to prevent the Danco Cathtub Hair Catcher with Microban from clogging, clean the Danco Bathtub Hair Catcher with Microban regularly.

If at any time the Danco Bathtub Hair Catcher with Microban becomes unusable or deteriorates from use, submit a maintenance request online and request a new one.pop-up-sink

Bathroom Sink Drain Care:

Each bath sink drain has a pop-up installed at the drain.  The pop-up is not only raised and lowered with a lift knob located at the rear of the faucet body, it also prevents debris such as toothpaste tube caps, safety pins, bobby pins, etc. from going down the drain which can potentially create a clog in the drain line.

Kitchen Drain Care:

Each apartment is issued a basket strainer for the kitchen sink drain.  Use the basket strainer when using the kitchen sink.basket-strainer

Additionally, there is no garbage disposal installed under the kitchen sink in any Dwelling Units. Do not put any food, grease or solids of any kind down the kitchen sink drain. Tenant may be assessed the cost of any repair associated with not using the basket strainer.

General Drain Care:

Keep all waste pipes clear of food, grease, hair, debris and feminine hygiene products. In the event that maintenance is required as a result of clogged drains due to not maintaining drains properly, including but not limited to, drains clogged by food, hair, debris, trash, hygiene products, paper or waste products, Tenant may be assessed the cost of repair.

Do not use any plumbing product such as “Drano” to clear drains or pipes as it may damage the pipes. If a maintenance contractor discovers that a chemical drain product such as “Drano” was used and damage was caused to the pipes from its use, you may be subject to the cost of repair.

For more information about drain care please refer to the Rules & Regulations section of the Lease Agreement.