It’s almost Spring Break 2016!  Can you believe it!?  spring break

Before you leave for Spring Break, there are a few things to relay to you before you leave your apartment for the week.

Be sure to prepare your apartment for your absence.  Among other things, close up, put away and clean up any open or spilled food, and remove any trash or garbage in your apartments and put it into the dumpster before you leave.

Before leaving your apartment for Spring Break:

Please be sure to do the following during an extended absence, for both the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy .

  1. Turn off all interior lights, including min-lights, string lights, rope lights, etc.
  2. Remove all window fans and screens from windows,
  3. Fully close and lock all windows that do not have installed window air-conditioners in them,
  4. For windows with air-conditioners installed in them (especially for apartments located on the 1st floor), be sure to install a dowel, or the like, to prevent the window from being opened from the outside,
  5. Remove any trash or garbage and put it into the dumpster,
  6. Do not leave dirty dishes or standing water in sink,
  7. Put away and clean up any food. Do not leave any food left out,
  8. Lock the front door.
  9. During cold months, turn heat down to 50-60 degrees,
  10. During warm months, turn off air-conditioners.

Thank your for your cooperation!

Have a fun and safe Spring Break!