William & Mary Fall Break 2015 is almost here and there are a few things to relay to you before you hit the road on your break.fall-break-leaf

Maintenance during Fall Break

The recent periodic inspection revealed some repair issues in several apartments.  Maintenance is planning to complete these repairs during Fall Break.  Those apartments will be contacted directly.

Contractors will finish the asphalt repairs along the new concrete section that spans between the buildings at the back of the parking lot.

Additionally, Maintenance plans to power wash the porches in the morning of Tuesday, October 13th.  The bottoms of the apartment doors will be temporarily taped in an effort to prevent water from getting underneath.  Please remove all door mats, plants, etc. from the porches/landings before leaving for Fall Break.

Parking during Fall Break

If you leave your car in the King & Queen parking lot during Fall Break:

  1. Please park it away from the porches and away from the concrete that spans between the buildings.
  2. Maintenance will be power washing the buildings the morning of Tuesday, October 13th and dirt and sand could get onto vehicles parked next to and under the porches of the buildings.
  3. Maintenance will also need access to the recently installed concrete to repair the asphalt, so please do not park vehicles/leave vehicles parked over or near the concrete.

Before leaving your apartment on Fall Break…

Please be sure to do the following for the safety of your apartment and to conserve energy for any extended absence:

  1. Turn off all interior lights, including min-lights, string lights, rope lights and Christmas/Holiday lights,
  2. Remove all window fans and screens from windows,
  3. Fully close and lock all windows that do not have installed window air-conditioners in them,
  4. For windows with air-conditioners installed in them (especially for apartments located on the 1st floor), be sure to install a dowel, or the like, to prevent the window from being opened from the outside,
  5. Lock the front door,
  6. During cold months, turn heat down to 50 degrees,
  7. During warm months, turn off air-conditioners.

Thank your for your cooperation!

Have a fun and safe Fall Break 2015!